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Logging In

What should I do if If get a 'Your username does not match your password' message?

Make sure you have entered the information correctly. Keep in mind that your password is case sensitive. This means that if your password is 'AAA' (upper case), but you type in 'aaa' (lower case), you will not be able to access the site.


What should I do if I get an expired session?

For security reasons, accounts which have been inactive for 30 minutes or longer will be automatically disconnected from our site, and returned to the login page. If this happens to you, please re-login to the main page.


When I click 'Login' I get sent back to the main page. Why?

If you have come to the site through a link within an email, you should open a new browser window, and manually enter the address into the address bar. We also suggest you check the 'Privacy settings' on your browser. These can usually be found under 'Tools-Internet Options'-'Privacy' in Internet Explorer, and 'Edit'-'Preferences'-'Privacy & Security' in Netscape. It is important that your settings be no higher than a 'Medium' level.